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An Egyptian green glazed faience Wedjet Eye, Late Period ca 664 - 332 BC
Reference No: EA202
An Egyptian green glazed faience Wedjet Eye, Late Period ca 664 - 332 BC
Price : $ 250
EUR 233.33 GBP 197.25 AUD 378.15

 Small, pale green faience wedjet eye with black pupil and brow, pierced horizontally.

During his contentions with his uncle Seth, Horus is said to have lost his left eye although later the goddess Hathor was able to restore it. The udjat or wadjet eye therefore came to symbolize the general process of "making whole" and healing. One of the most popular amulets, it also served as a metaphor for protection (against the evil eye), strength and perfection.

Condition: Some minor weathering to the surface and pitting of the glaze, modern black pigment identification number applied to back, otherwise intact and in good condition 

Dimensions: Length 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) 

Provenance:  Forming part of the Lenman/Stohlman collection assembled by the Washington D.C. socialite Miss Isobel H. Lenman (1845 - 1931), in the early 1900’s. Loaned and accessioned by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., between 1916 and 1921 where it was exhibited until her death in 1931. Thereafter, the collection was returned to her heirs and sold around 1937 to Dr. Martin Stohlman, remaining with the Stohlman family until 2011.