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An Egyptian clay head of Hypocrates, ca 3rd century BC
Reference No: ET101
An Egyptian clay head of Hypocrates, ca 3rd century BC
Price : $ 350
EUR 322.77 GBP 276.57 AUD 525.49


This charming head is from an Egyptian clay figure of Harpocrates which is the Roman name for the Egyptian god Horus.  The face is detailed with well shaped nose, smiling lips, and a fleshy rim lining his large, almond shaped eyes.  The hair pulled into a traditional ponytail at the side of his head indicates his youth.

In a popular version of Horus mythology, Horus is the child of the goddess Isis. As his infant or child form he is referred to as Harpocrates and is represented as a youth rather than a falcon or falcon headed man.  As one of the most important dieties in Egyptian mythology, Horus had multiple aspects of power.  As a falcon he was considered the god of the sky with the sun and moon as his two eyes, and the ruling pharohs were considered to be earlthy manifestations of the god. 

Dimensions: height 2 inches (5.1 centimeters), height with mount 3 inches (7.6 centimeters).

Condition: Fragment as described.  Minor age appropriate wear to top of piece and left cheek above mouth, otherwise intact and in good condition.  Some modern writing in black pigment on bottom of piece.  Custom mounted. 

:   Private NY Collection