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An Egyptian Nile Clay Shabti, Ramesside Period ca 1292-1072BC
Reference No: EU527
An Egyptian Nile Clay Shabti, Ramesside Period ca 1292-1072BC
Price : $ 500
EUR 461.00 GBP 394.55 AUD 767.10

Shown mummiform with tripartite wig; arms crossed on the chest; the hoe still visible in the right hand in black pigment.

A Ushabti (also called shabti or shawabti) is a small figurine included in the grave goods of the dead. The figure was believed to magically animate after the deceased had been judged and would work for them as a servant or substitute labourer in the fields of Osiris. The "ushabti" is also named the: "follower", or " answerer ", because they "answered", for the deceased person, and performed all the routine chores of daily life, for them. Some tombs had the floor covered, with tens, or multiples, of ushabti figurines, produced in quantity, for the journey, of the deceased. As many as 365 ushabtis were placed in each tomb: one to serve for every day of the year.

Condition:  Intact, the surface of the shabti very worn; traces of yellow pigment remain.

Dimensions:  Height: 12.1 cm. (4 3/4 in.)  Width: 4.2 cm. (1 1/2 in.)

Provenance:  Dr U Muller private collection, Switzerland acquired prior to 1978